registration for 2024 is now open!

What is The Pilgrimage?
October 3-6 2024

We are one of the largest gatherings of like minded off-road and overlanding enthusiasts in the Northeast. 

Our participants come from all over the world and drive all sorts of vehicles ranging from Brand New Land Rover Defenders to early American 4x4s.

Registration includes 1 vehicle and all passengers.

A primitive campsite at our basecamp, Henderson’s Hideaway Campground which will be yours for the duration of the event. You can set up camp and leave everything as you go enjoy the trails for the day.

You’ll have exclusive access to merchandise, free raffles, vendor areas and most-importantly our custom-curated maps of Vermont’s extensive Class IV road network. 

Map routes are pre-run by our staff  and participants regularly and updated with obstacle notes, difficulty ratings and notable waypoints.

Proud member of the Blue Ribbion Coalition, encouraging individual environmental stewardship and championing responsible recreational use of private and public lands.

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Can my rig handle it?​

Worried that your vehicle may not be capable enough? Whether you drive a fully kitted-out Earthroamer or a ’67 VW Bus, we’re sure we can find you a route that you will enjoy. Adventure bikes are also welcome! 

Our participants drive everything from Toyotas, Nissans, Subarus, Jeeps, Land Rovers, even a couple Porsches and much more. You name it, they’ve brought it and had a blast. 

As long as your vehicle is road legal and safe to drive, you’ll have a great time.