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Feel free to arrive at the venue anytime on Thursday.  Catherine will open check-in at the garage at 9 am, but you can arrive earlier than that and set up your camp and then swing over to the garage to check in afterwards. “Drive-up Registration/check in” at the garage and will be open at 9 am and stay open until 9 pm on Thurs (if we’re not there when you pull up, just hang for a few minutes and we’ll be along).  You’ll present your vehicle insurance card, sign your waivers, pick up your vehicle decals, if you like, buy some Pilgrimage apparel (while supplies last!). 

NOTE:  YOUR VEHICLE DECAL MUST BE PLACED SOMEWHERE ON YOUR VEHICLE AND EVERY VEHICLE AT THE EVENT MUST HAVE A VEHICLE DECAL ON IT with the sole exception of dedicated non-camper tow rigs attached to trailers parked in the north pasture trailer zone. 

Pilgrimage staff will be checking all vehicles for the Pilgrimage decal during the event to confirm that all vehicles at the venue have been registered.   You can check in at any time during the weekend, so don’t sweat it if you’re planning on arriving later than Thurs.  Just come find us.  If you get here very late at night, just pull into the driveway and camp near the garage and register in the morning.  We will be having a welcome/info gathering meeting on Thurs at 6 pm at the main tent.  If you still need info after that, just ask any Pilgrimage Staff Member (they’ll be wearing the orange baseball caps). 


Pilgrimage camping is rough, rugged and largely left up to you.  While we do have some pasture space, it’s rather limited.  If you want privacy and a little seclusion, you must TAKE TO THE WOODS either across the brook or the camping areas on the trails in the woods behind the house!  Quiet camping is in the UPPER PASTURE AND NORTH PASTURE.  Please keep your setup to a minimum of space as we want to make sure everyone gets a spot.  

In all seriousness, please don’t expect trade-show parking lot camping at Pilgrimage.  This is overlanding and we expect all of you to be able to make yourselves comfortable in rough and rugged environs.   Again, the Pilgrimage is where you to go to actually use your skills and equipment.  Regardless of where you choose to camp, you’ll still only be a few minutes walk to the main tent.  Basically, the whole property is like a big valley with woodsy hills on both sides of the road, but it’s still all fairly confined. No one will feel like they’re too far away. 

NOTE: Please use common sense and do not block the camping access routes when you set up camp. 


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