Event Overview 2023

Check in/Registration & Checkout 

There will be a staff tent clearly marked where you need to check in. You will sign your waivers and pick up your vehicle identification decals.

Items to bring to the check in tent:

-Drivers License

-Vehicle Insurance Card

Vehicle Decals 

Decals will be placed on the upper-left of your vehicle by event staff. Your decal must be visible at all times when you are out on any Class IV roads or at basecamp. Please check periodically to make sure your decal isn’t covered by mud or debris!

Friday Arrivals

Registration will be open and staffed from 7am until 10am, and then again from 4pm-8pm.


We would hope this is understood, but just to make sure only registered participants may attend the event. Your buddy can’t wait for you in town and meet up to ride with you. All vehicles must be checked in, and all drivers must sign a waiver. 

Base Camp

Henderson’s Hideaway
1427 S Windsor St
South Royalton, VT 05068

Family/Quiet Area 

This will be clearly marked when you arrive. To help our families with younger children this is going to be a quiet area from 8pm until 7am.


If your companion is well behaved they are more than welcome. We love bringing our pets along with us, but due to there being children and other pets around, please leave them at home if they don’t behave.

Trash –  Pack it in, Pack in out – As always we ask that everyone abides by the Tread Lightly principles and policies all their own trash. We will have a small dumpster on site for your use, but let’s try to reduce the amount of trash we are creating. Please plan ahead.

Restrooms – There will be a number of Porta-johns spread around the campground. They will have built in hand sanitizer stations. These are going to be serviced both Friday and Saturday to try and keep them as fresh as possible.

Fires – Firewood will be available for purchase on site. We will also have 6 community fire pits going. All fires need to be in some sort of fire pit like a solo stove.

Water – There is no running water on site. You need to provide your own.

Trailers – We have a separate trailer parking lot located 1/2 mile down the road.

Drivers Meetings

There will be driver’s meetings every half hour from 8-10am to coordinate and plan your trips.

Trail Rides

The State of Vermont, the local community and the Vermont Game Wardens have asked for us to limit the number of vehicles per group to 10 or less. That means NO MORE than 10 vehicles in a group. We have had issues in the past with mega convoys for 20-30 vehicles clogging up the trails and local roadways, creating issues for the local population and law enforcement.

As always we strongly encourage everyone to attend with friends and family, camp with them, eat with them, etc. but limit the size of the groups on the trails. IF you have a group with more than 10 vehicles, we ask that you wait 10-15 minutes after their departure and leave as large of a gap as possible between you. This will keep everyone flowing more smoothly and will reduce congestion overall.

Trail Courtesy

The trails and roads that we use for this event are all public right of ways. Remember that you will encounter everything from hikers to horses, dirtbikes to tractors and cars. We are visitors and guests, so please be courteous. Stop and talk to locals, give anyone or anything smaller than your vehicle the right of way. Please remember that you represent not just yourself, but your vehicle brand, your state and most importantly the Pilgrimage event itself and off-roaders/overlanders. The last thing we want to see/hear is trash was left on the trail, someone tore up a pasture or field where they shouldn’t have been, or worse had an altercation. At the end of the weekend, the only sign that we have been there should be tire tracks in the mud and a bunch of pictures and memories. There are trail trash bags that are handed out and we would LOVE to see them come back full. Help us keep the beautiful State of Vermont clean.

Guide Services

If this is your first time or your 4th it’s always fun to let someone else lead the pack! We have a number of staff members that will be leading groups as well as two professional companies. If you are interested in either trail running with staff or the professional services, they will be hanging out in the vendor area in the mornings.

Overland Experts – (860) 873-9640

North East Adventure Company – (207) 956-0399


You will receive an email with the maps and instructions on how to use them.

Green: easier, light terrain

 Blue: moderate/medium terrain

 Red: challenging/difficult terrain

 Pinkish purple: very challenging

You will also see points of interest and fun facts about the area on the maps.

If you have any questions this doesn’t answer please reach out either on Facebook, the website or call us directly.

Thank you,

The Pilgrimage Staff

Evening Itinerary
(more will be added)
  • Ice cream sundae bar for the kids
  • Cigar Bar
  • Pumpkin carving for the kids
Food & Sprit Vendors
(more to come)

High Low Farm

Vermont Wildcrafted Maple and Honey
Pasture Raised Pork and Poultry

Vermont Spirits

Vermont Spirits is a craft distilling pioneer. Our small-batch Vermont Gold Vodka is made from 100% pure Vermont maple sap-an industry first. We distill every small batch with the spirits connoisseur and lover of fine food in mind. Our goal is to produce spirits with true character and exceptional taste. We look forward to your enjoyment of our work.

Vermont Creamery

Vermont Creamery still follows the path Bob and Allison took years ago — crafting artisanal dairy products in the European style through a vital link with local farms. Based in the town of Websterville, the company supports a network of more than 15 family farms, providing milk meeting the highest standards of purity. While Vermont Creamery has earned worldwide recognition, the company is proudest of its contribution to the health of local agriculture. After all, as Allison learned on a family farm in France, quality originates at the source — with the people who work the land and the pride they take in the yield.

Vermont Vines

100% Vermont grown and produced
Deliciousness in a bottle Red and white Wine

Taco Truck All Stars

Serving up fresh Mexican fare from our solar powered truck. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free options, kid friendly, lots of meat options as well!