Michael HorganMichael Horgan

We started looking at the ONX maps last night. I agree are also looking from a trail or two with something interesting: views, waterfalls, or some other point of interest. We will be in peak foliage season so the colors will be nice everywhere. I was hoping to do something within a reasonable distance of the event. Not sure yet what that distance is yet. My thought was to avoid a multi-hour drive to the trail so we could spend more time doing what we are there to do. Vermont is a tall state so it can be a long drive to get to the far north or south. I don’t know exactly how it is going to work, but I know they are going to try to make sure not too many people are hitting one trail at the same time. Apparently that was an issue with local town during last years event. It is worth doing a Zoom or Teams meeting with this group before the event. We could all look at the maps and share our screens to choose a selection. Just a thought.

Mike and Tracy