The Southern Excursion – Aug 16-18th


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Limited to 25 vehicles

Camping will be in Reading, Vermont

We set out on a guided trip to Plymouth 5 corners gold mine ghost own with local Historian who will tell the history of gold mining in Vermont history of the ghost town and show how to gold pan in the brook. Due to the amazing network of class 4 roads in Plymouth we have the option of multiple routes from green to Pink that all meet at the ghost town. So we will break into multiple groups by difficulty.

After exploring the class 4’s and history of Plymouth we will proceed to Long Trail Brewery for dinner along the river.

Saturday we will venture South and explore the areas of Cavendish, Chester, Grafton. With an amazing lunch at Grafton Market. We will explore the class 4’s more and then stop provisions for a camp cookout along the brook.

Sunday is another day of guided or self exploring of the class 4 with the focus on seeing some of the amazing old cemeteries along the class 4’s around Reading and Woodstock


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